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How to Improve on Your Decision Making Skills

  • Posted by Honored Writers
  • January 25, 2017
Content how to improve on your decision making skills

One important skill people must hone is decision making. Decision making is good for entrepreneurs, students, and anyone who want to be successful with their lives because it helps solve problems especially when you need to make a decision fast. But why do we need to master on improving this skill? First and foremost, having this skill will last a lifetime. You will need decision making skills in your everyday routine from the time you wake up and even before you sleep. This skill is proven useful to different environments from work as well as your grocery store shopping. Here are 3 ways on how to improve decision making skills and how to master it:

1. Never delay

Making simple decisions can be fun. For example, when you are the type of person who likes making to-do lists, checking each number will give you a sense of fulfillment especially when you’re accomplished your daily tasks and errands. When the need of your tasks increases, facing them may seem difficult and this is where your decision making skills come to play. With that in mind, the best probable way to finish this is to never delay to make things easier for you.

To-do lists are created to achieve your tasks chronologically. Dedicate a time frame on each task and make sure to achieve them on that specific time. Lastly, jot down pros and cons on how you managed your time on each task to know what works for you. It is important to note each problem you faced and not take them for granted because they will help you improve your decision making skills in the future.

2. You ego and emotion is not your investment

Decision making should be taken critically and not personally. Every decision counts and sometimes, your personal preferences get in the way of making them. To further improve this skill, it is important to think objectively that will not just affect you, but others as well. To solve this, create a list of the causes in delaying your decision making because of your ego and emotion. Here are three examples:

  • Positioning issues
  • Price issues
  • Target audience

After that, you actually have to determine how to solve these problems by asking yourself how. Because of this, chances are you will make the right and proper decisions that will affect you and the people around you from your business and even in your everyday life. In other words, self-awareness is the key when letting go of your ego and emotion in terms of decision making skills.

3. Consult an expert

Decision making is not a new skill, it has been an important trait even in the old days. Decision making skills played a vital role in today’s society. Our world leaders are great decision makers. But apart from being leaders, they’re also good followers.

You must understand the importance of seeking help when you are solving problems. Help will always come to those who ask for it. If you are lacking in decision making skills, it is important to seek the help from experts who have mastered it. Listen, understand, and apply the learning you have acquired.

4. Always make a plan B

Sometimes, your decision do not equate to actual product. As masters of decision making, we should be aware of the pre-cautions when deciding on something. It is important to be fully equipped with a plan B just in case the first plan is not doable.

Back up plans are important because they help you get work done, done well, and done fast.

These four ways to improve your decision making are guides to master this life skill as students, entrepreneurs, and citizen of today’s world. And even though there are more ways to hone this skill, starting with the four basic ways will help you get started.

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