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Privacy Policy Privacy Policy wants its users to know that they value trust and loyalty between the company its clients, thereby promoting a transparent environment through the use of this privacy policy. By reading this document up to the end, users will be made aware of the type of data the site collects and how uses this information for the benefit of the site and its users.

Types of Information Collected collects two types of information:

General Information

This type of information includes the user’s browser, IP address, visited pages, and duration of usage. The data gleaned from this will be used to improve user experience as well as website performance. does not use this information for any other purpose. These are simply used to monitor traffic behavior on also stores information using “cookies.” They are activated when the user visits the site, but will be deactivated once the user leaves. There are also “persistent cookies” which is used to store log-in information for easier access to personal accounts. These cookies can be disabled anytime using your browser settings. However, if you deactivate these cookies, the best performance and experience on may be impeded.

Personal Information

This pertains to the information that users provide on their profiles. This may include birth dates, email addresses, and other answerable queries. This information allows other users to distinguish specific profiles from others. Your profile will be used to send and receive messages, connect with other users, post in discussion boards, and send and receive information.

The information collected is necessary for users to access the site and its features. Should this information change, users are obligated to inform the site in case of any new announcements which will be sent to your new contact details.


Any content that users post is under the responsibility of the user themselves. You can adjust your privacy settings depending on what you want other users to see. Still, cannot promise that the privacy settings will prevent previously public work from being copied or redistributed in other mediums.

The site is also not accountable for the actions of other uses who use your content without your permission. Should any person hack your account through no fault of ours, will still not be responsible for any consequences. Removing content also does not guarantee that it will be deleted from internet archives.

Users must also be aware of the terms of use and conditions of the site and refrain from posting any content that violates the rules and regulations from that document. If you find that other users are violating the terms and privacy contracts, you must report the incident to immediately. will close such accounts and block them from accessing the site in the future.

Referrals and Invites

If you want to invite another person to become a member of the website, you can do so by providing us with the new user’s email address. The invitation will be sent with a referral under your name. Regardless of whether or not the person uses the site, the email will be stored for future use.

Consent for Transfer of Information

Due to your agreement to use the site under the terms and conditions, you have given your consent for to transfer and process your private information within the United States.

Age of Consent

13 Years Old and Younger

The site does not solicit or collect information from individuals who are below 13 years of age. We do not entertain registrations from such individuals either. If a user is discovered to be less than 13 years old, we will delete the account and all the information that comes with it. If a user under 13 years old wishes to use the site, they may do so with a verifiable consent from their legal guardian. If a user notices another user is below 13 years of age, you must report the account immediately.

13-18 Years Old

Individuals who are within this age bracket must request for permission from their guardians before registering on the site. It is also required before they send out any personal information to any other entity online.

What Happens to Your Information

Once a user registers for an account and sets up their profile, they will be visible through their first name and last initial. They may choose to publish any photo, unless it is illegal, stolen, or pornographic in nature. After completing the registration, any other information sent out through personal messages will not be under’s jurisdiction.

The site may also use your personal information to send you notices about announcements, changes, and new features of the site. Users are liable for their own privacy settings. They can allow more access to their information or they can limit it as well. A user’s privacy settings will not be covered by the site’s privacy policy.

If a user decides to decline email notifications for new products and features, they will still receive important announcements related to the site.

Sharing Data to Third Parties

The site reserves the right to share your information with third parties for advertising purposes. Private information like email addresses and financial data will be withheld unless the user chooses to purchase a product from our site. Only the information on your public profile will be given to third party entities.

Your private information, however, will be shared with law enforcement agencies if is alerted to any illegal activity and prompted to hand over details about you. If our site notices any malicious activity, we will immediately report it as well.

If’s ownership is transferred to another entity, your information will be sent to the new owners. Until then, you are still under the protection of our privacy policies. You will also be informed of changes like these so that you may opt to have your information scraped from the database.

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