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Honored Writers Terms of Use and Conditions

The information on this page regarding the terms of use and conditions are specifically designed to oversee the activities and actions of the visitors of When you decide to use our site, i.e. leave comments, click links, etc., you are automatically bound by the rules and regulations set forth by the terms of use and conditions of this document.


Parties of the Contract

Any person accessing shall be referred to as “you,” “your,” and “you’re.”

Any entity related to shall be referred to as “we,” “our,” “ours,” and “us.”


Any text, image, video, sound recording, program, or widget located on shall be referred to as “content.”

Any text, image, video, or sound recording submitted by the user to shall be referred to as “your content.” This shall include comments, reviews, messages, and any other content published on other input forms on

Anything that the user publishes on the shall be referred to as “user content.”

Any content that is not published by the user or the website shall be referred to as “Third Party Content.”

Changing the Terms of Use and Conditions reserves the right to change the terms of use and conditions at any point in time. The user must take full responsibility when it comes to being aware of the changes made to the web site. The changes will always be announced before they are put into effect and once they are made public. User will receive both website notifications and e-mail notifications for any changes. All users are automatically obligated to adhere to these changes immediately.



Users must be 18 years old or older in order to gain access to and its features. Website competition and banned users are also not allowed to access the website.

Permissions and Accountability grants you the permission to use the site and its features; however, we will not be responsible for any consequences you may incur by using our website. We will also be free from responsibility should a user decide to use the site for nefarious purposes.

Discontinuation of the Site reserves the right to close down the site, modify the entire site, or discontinue its services without notice.

User Accounts

Users are required to create an account in order to access certain information on The user will be responsible for his or her password and should duly notify the site in case their account is compromises. The site also reserves the right to discontinue accounts for any reason.

The accounts on shall be used for non-commercial and private use only. Users must never create fake accounts or identities. The information users provide must be accurate and factual. Only one account per person is allowed.

You also agree that may send you notifications and updates about the website.

User Content

Users are responsible for the content they publish. Once content has been publicly seen, it is possible that it has already been copied by someone else. The content you post is also under your name and is not endorsed by

Publishing plagiarized, offensive, and inflammatory content will lead to account suspension or closure. The same goes for violations of privacy and copyright laws, as well as pornography, child endangerment, and hate speech.

Third Party Publishing reserves the right to put advertising materials on any space in user profiles or the space in which they publish their content.

RSS and Atom Feeds allows users to use our RSS and Atom Feeds, provided that they use it for personal purposes only. The site also does not endorse your use of these feeds in your social media platforms.

Content Moderation can change, delete, or check any and all content of users at any time. We are also not obligated to provide copies of deleted content. Any user content is also not subject to any confidentiality clauses. Only their personal information will be secure and hidden.

Agreement to the Terms of Use and Conditions

Users must acknowledge that they have read the whole document and understood the responsibilities that come with it.

If third parties ask for your information, we will decide whether it is necessary or not, i.e. request from law enforcement agencies and investigatory organizations.


Users must agree to hold harmless and indemnify if they are sued or prosecuted because of their misuse of our website.

If the user is from a different location from our company, they must agree that their private details and information will be processed in our business location. abides by the terms and conditions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (

Users who are victims of illegal activities must inform our site about the details of the incident. will investigate it immediately, disable the illegal content, and notify the user who reported of our findings. Wrongly accused users may also make an appeal in order to get their account reinstated.

Termination of this Document reserves the right to terminate or change these terms and conditions at any time. Until then, the rules and regulations are in effect and liable to every user. We may also choose to suspend user accounts any time for any reason.

If we decide to terminate the terms and conditions, still retains the right to use your content.

We are also within our rights to change, modify, or delete the site whenever we wish to do so. If any of these events shall happen, users will be notified via their email addresses or public forums on the site.

This entire document is composed of the entirety of the terms of use and conditions agreement. If we decide to decline to enforce any of the rules, all other terms of use and conditions will remain active.

If any parts of the terms are deemed unenforceable by any law entity, the remaining terms will still be active.

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